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Glutrasol IE

Addressing Global Immuno-Enhancement

Glutrasol IE is a patented specialty supplement we developed to address a chronic global health need for immuno-enhancement. 

Immune health is vital to wellness. In many developing countries, those in most desperate need of vaccination against potentially life-threatening diseases like malaria come to treatment facilities with immune systems so compromised due to environmental stress, poor nutrition or illness that the efficacy of the vaccines they receive is not optimized.  Improving the immune system through key nutritional supplements can help these at-risk populations. 

Based on chemistry that has been successful in increasing the efficacy of vaccines in thousands of animals for more than 30 years—by between 93% and 360% or more-- CortControl received a US Patent for Glutrasol IE for human applications in 2017.

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CortControl is seeking clinical research partners to complete necessary human clinical studies for our Glutrasol IE product. Immuno-enhancement results will be used to secure FDA approval to use our Glutrasol IE product as a specialty nutraceutical.