Science-Based Nutraceuticals

v1 - SSA Requirements

SSA Requirements

Significant Scientific Acceptance (SSA) Study Requirements

Following are the requirements for conducting an SSA Vaccine Immuno-enhancement Study:

  • Estimated length of study 45 days per participant
  • 80 Participants are targeted
  • Participants will receive Glutrasol VE daily for 14 days before vaccination and continue through testing on day 5,15 and 30 after vaccination
  • Double blind test 
  • Research partner will provide the resources and conduct the study

CortControl Support:

  • CortControl will provide the Glutrasol VE for the study
  • CortControl will collaborate with the research partner to finalize the SSA study protocol and the SSA study report 
  • CortControl will file an IND with the FDA
  • CortControl will submit the SSA study to the FDA for medical food acceptance


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