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We talked with doctors of veterinarian medicine that have worked with the Glutrasol derivatives in their animal practices and here is what they had to say.


Steven J Slagle, DVM | La Grande, Oregon  
Dr. Slagle graduated from the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine in 1968. He had a large animal practice, predominately equine, in Granite Bay California. In 2013, he moved to his ranch in La Grande where he raises full blood Wagyu cattle. Since 1999, he has focused on the effects of immune modulation to improve the number of successes in his practice, and now spends his day educating and consulting veterinarians, producers, and growers about the advantages of using the immune system to improve the health of their patients and livestock, and their bottom line.

Bill Burlingame, DVM | Stanwood, Washington  
Dr. Bill Burlingame graduated from Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977. After graduation, he worked in a central hospital/emergency/referral center in Akron, Ohio, for two years. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1979, he opened the Quil Ceda Veterinary Hospital in 1980 where he practiced canine and feline medicine and surgery until selling the practice in 2005. Dr. Burlingame currently works part-time in the same practice. His current interests in practice focus around nutritional medicine, the Plechner Syndrome, Erchonia laser therapy and natural immunotherapy. Ramaekers Immune Formulas have been an important cornerstone in his patient care protocols since 2001.

Bob McClung, DVM | Tiffin, Ohio  
Dr. Bob McClung graduated from The Ohio State College of of Veterinary Medicine in 1976 and has been in mixed- animal practice. He's a second generation veterinarian whose father started the practice in 1950. It has since become an AAHA accredited small animal practice while continuing to provide cutting-edge service for farm animals. Immunotherapy has created astounding results for the health, performance and reproduction of livestock. He has been using Ramaekers Nutrition immune modulator formulas for more than 10 years in practice for both large- and small-animal patients and on his own show sheep and feedlot cattle. Dr. McClung has lectured on natural immunotherapy at numerous producers' meetings in Ohio, the Minnesota’s state cattlemen’s annual meeting and Tyson’s cattle meeting in Indiana. He is currently consulting with dairy calf raisers from several Midwestern states. Dr. McClung also proudly uses immunotherapy for integrative cancer care for small- animal and equine patients. Immunotherapy is a terrific tool to help set the wellness bar much higher in all species.


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