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Our Team

With extensive scientific, research and business resumes, the CortControl team bring experience and expertise to our operations.

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Dr. Joe Ramaekers, DVM

Founder & Chairman

A doctor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Ramaekers has been an active small- and large-veterinarian and nutritionist, spending much of his more than 40-year career dedicated to research in leading-edge nutritional approaches to animal health and the transference of those highly successful results to humans. For the past 10 years, he has specialized in complementary medicine with a focus on immune modulation and the development of proprietary formulas to fight disease. 

Dr. Ramaekers is also the Founder and CEO of Ramaekers Nutrition, a forerunner in the field of veterinary nutrition and immune enhancement. Ramaekers Nutrition formulates and manufactures a full line of veterinary nutrition products for animal health management, featuring customized proprietary formulas for all species including canine, feline, equine, bovine, porcine, caprine and avian.

A certified organic farmer for 25 years, Dr. Ramaekers has two organic farms dedicated to environmentally friendly production practices: Aptos Farm in California which grows kiwi, one of the most nutrient-dense fruits on the globe; and a Nebraska farm which grows organic crops including blue corn used in the production of corn chips.

His research work takes Dr. Ramaekers around the world, and he serves as a frequent international consultant on animal nutrition. 


Medical foods, Nutrition, Immune enhancement, Organic farming, Veterinary nutrition, Veterinary medicine, Animal nutrition, Immune system, Immune modulation.


Jim Daniels

CEO & Co-Founder

A senior executive with more than 20 years of experience building businesses and successful brands in markets around the world, Mr. Daniels offers expertise in the areas of medical foods, technology, marketing, international business and entrepreneurism.

A long with co-founding CortControl, Mr. Daniels co-founded and is current EVP of Vencentric, a company with an innovative Platform as a Service (PaaS) software solution for the retail grocery industry. 

Prior to co-founding Vencentric, executive positions included: co-founder and VP Sales & Marketing of Process Path, Director of Sales GTS Services, National Director of Sales of Epicor Software, CEO and President of Labwire, President of James Daniels Productions, and Sales & Marketing of Pacific Scientific analytical instruments division.

With extensive international business experience developing and managing sales teams across five continents, Mr. Daniels is a regular speaker at industry conferences and has lectured at IBM, NASA, San Jose State University, Stanford and at various software industry events.


Medical foods, Pharmaceuticals, Business development, marketing, International business, Sales, Channel Management, CRM, SaaS, Software Applications, Medical Software, Business Management Software, ERP software. 



Dr. Jack Menear, Ph.D

Chief Scientist and Patent Strategist

Dr. Menear is an analytical scientist with a Ph.D. in Physical/Analytical Chemistry – and extensive skills and experience that extend into marketing and sales and patent law.

Prior to CortControl, Dr. Menear developed specialties in analytical methods and instrumentation that are still in use today at companies such as JT Baker Chemical, Dionex, Pacific Scientific, Tencor and Ion Systems. Marketing and sales responsibilities included commercial development, product management, development of a market research department and sales region management.

He founded Jack Menear Associates 25 years ago to help companies that needed specialty expertise in particle contamination. Jack Menear Associates has worked with more than100 companies, leveraging expertise in statistics to solve contamination issues and certify equipment.

Dr. Menear received his Patent Agent License (55453) from the United States Patent Office in 2004.


Analytical science, Patent law, Medical foods, Product management, Market research, Marketing and sales, Business development, Commercial development. 

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