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Bringing our Products to Market

Licensing Glutrasol Products

CortControl's business model is to develop, test and license nutritional compounds under the FDA defined medical foods classification. Our intent is to offer our research partners or affiliate manufacturers/distributors the opportunity to have an exclusive license for Glutrasol within their specialty. The license will be negotiated in the best interest of both CortControl and all parties involved. Glutrasol currently holds two US patents: one for Glutrasol IF (9,463,218 B2 - Infertility) and Glutrasol VE (File #: 128247-219292 (P003) - Vaccination Response for Immunodeficiency).

With the high costs, extensive testing requirements, side effects and numerous other challenges of developing drugs today, licensing a patent-protected medical food offers pharmaceutical companies:

  • An easy path to revenue. Exclusive manufacturing and distribution of new products more quickly and less expensively than for typical drug introductions 
  • A strong ground-floor position in the growing medical foods segment  
  • A lower cost, less invasive option for patients. Providing treatment protocols that are less invasive and costly than many drug alternatives
  • An integrative approach to treatment. An attractive option for augmenting existing personal treatment protocols

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