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Glutrasol IE


  • Supports immune system health to enhance your natural defenses 
  • Extends immune-protection for people in risky environments
  • Increases and extends immune support for traditional health methods

What's in Glutrasol-IE?

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Glutrasol IE

Addressing Global Immuno-Enhancement

Supporting immune health is key to wellness. Consider enhancing your immune health with Glutrasol IE if you are concerned about:

  • flu or other seasonal illnesses
  • travel-related illness exposure
  • if you are elderly or may be particularly susceptible to disease
  • if you treat the infirm or if your work requires contact with large numbers of people
  • being in environments where you would be more susceptible to illness

Glutrasol IE is a patented specialty supplement we developed to address a chronic global health need for immuno-enhancement. 


"CortControl’s Glutrasol IE is a life changing product for me.  I am beyond pleased with the results I’ve gained from incorporating it into my self-care routine." - Sharon M.
"I used to get sick about 4 times per year. Since I started taking Glutrasol, I seldom get sick. It’s not even close. I am sure that the Glutrasol made the difference." - Rick M.

"I have taken Glutrasol I.E. 5 days a week over the last 30. It could not have come at a better time. After 30 days, my mental and physical energy have improved. Thank you so much for suggesting the product. It was effective immediately. I love it! (It is easy to consume, too, because it is delicious)." - Dodie Mazzuca, Ex-LPGA Pro-Golfer, golf teacher, yoga/pilates instructor

"I had respiratory issues that effected my energy and ability to manage my abundant daily routine. I order the Glutrasol-IE product and after a few days I was amazed at the positive results I experienced. I am a firm believer in this product and will recommend it to anyone who is at risk for respiratory issues. - Julie H., California


In many developing countries, those in most desperate need of vaccination against potentially life-threatening diseases come to treatment facilities with immune systems so compromised due to environmental stress, poor nutrition or illness that the efficacy of the vaccines they receive is not optimized.  Improving the immune system through key nutritional supplements can help at risk populations. 

Based on chemistries that have been successful in increasing the efficacy of vaccines in thousands of large mammals for more than 30 years—by between 93% and 360% or more-- CortControl received a US Patent for Glutrasol IE for human applications in 2017.

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We are so sure you will love our Glutrasol products that all product purchases are backed by our risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee

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CortControl is seeking clinical research partners to complete new human clinical studies for our Glutrasol IE product. Immuno-enhancement results will be used to secure FDA approval to use our Glutrasol IE product as a specialty nutraceutical.