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Patent-Protected Medical Foods

CortControl develops market-ready, patent-protected medical foods for manufacture and distribution. 

CortControl’s Glutrasol™ family of integrative products, when combined with other specific medical protocols, such as vaccine regimes, infertility treatments and others, work to boost immune function to dramatically improve the efficacy of other medical protocols. 

CortControl is committed to advancing global health solutions by sharing our emerging formulations and vision with donors, tech researchers, licensed manufacturing partners and delivery organizations.

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Product Applications


Glutrasol IF is a patented medical food we developed to treat infertility in both men and women that may result from compromised immune function do to elevated stress - a condition that plays a role in an estimated 30% of all infertility problems. 

Vaccine IMMUNO-Enhancement

Glutrasol VE is a patented medical food we developed to address chronic global health needs for vaccine immune-enhancement. By integrating the Glutrasol VE protocol with an existing vaccine regimen, the long-term efficacy of that vaccine can be effectively enhanced. 


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