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Glutrasol FE Fertility Study - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use GLUTRASOL-FE?

Men and women aged 18-44 that are trying to conceive but may be having fertility challenges related to stress.

How do I know GLUTRASOL-FE is safe?

Glutrasol FE has been granted a US Patent in 2017. (Patent # 9,463,218 B2). Glutrasol products have also been tested on large mammals with great success for over 30 years. Individual ingredients have a very long history of safe use.


Glutrasol FE, is one of CortControl’s GlutrasolTM family of patented science-based nutraceuticals,. It is optimized to help increase the body’s ability to physically cope with the environmentally triggered emotional stresses, which are related to fertility challenges. Glutrasol FE is consumed by for both women and men.

What makes GLUTRASOL-FE different?

It is less costly and less invasive than many other fertility aids. Glutrasol FE offers a personalized, all natural alternative to support healthy fertility.

How does GLUTRASOL-FE work?

To support fertility and improve overall health, Glutrasol FE supports the immune system by employing three chemistries key to the Glutrasol family of specialty supplements: transfer factor, beta glucans, and lactic acid generating bacteria.

Can I use GLUTRASOL-FE in conjunction with other fertility supplements?

In our test protocol, we request that participants don’t use other supplements during the test period.

Can I use GLUTRASOL-FE in conjunction with prenatal vitamins?

Yes. Glutrasol’s main function is to support a robust immune system so there is not no known conflict taking it in conjunction with prenatal vitamins.

Can I use GLUTRASOL-FE if I am taking fertility medications prescribed by my doctor?

Yes. But they are not candidates for the beta test.

How long will it take to reach full efficacy?

It will vary with each individual.   Full efficacy should be seen if taken as directed within the first a 90 day period.

Where can I get GLUTRASOL-FE?

Currently, it is only available through this study although we will be marketing and selling it direct to consumers as soon as the study concludes.

Are there any contra indications?

None that we are aware of in over 30 years testing the product on large mammals.

Are there any known side effects?


Can I take GLUTRASOL-FE in conjunction with IVF treatments?

You must consult your physician so that they can monitor the results. Again, not appropriate for the beta test.

Can individuals who are not trying to get pregnant use GLUTRASOL-FE?

Yes.  Since Glutrasol FE’s main function is to support a robust immune system. it’s Its benefits are not limited to those trying to get pregnant.

Should I continue to use GLUTRASOL-FE once I am pregnant?

You should always consult your physician but as a specialty supplement it is safe for consumption. 

What is your Refund and Return Policy?

Only un-opened product will be accepted for return.  Purchaser will receive no refund for the product if it is opened in any way. Any returns must be received by Symplmed within 30 days from the purchase date.  The CortControl call center must be contacted to request the return and if return is accepted be sent to Symplmed directly at 745 NW Mt Washington Dr. Suite 300, Bend, OR 97703 Attn: Returns Dept. via standard ground and insured. Purchaser bears the responsibility for all return postage, shipping and handling costs.  CortControl will not accept any returns directly from a patient.

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Animal Fertility Research: Dr. Ramaekers talks about dramatic success he's seen in fertility outcomes when applying the Glutrasol product formulation in bucking bull applications.