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So, how does GLUTRASOL-FE support fertility, anyway?

According to the Mayo Clinic, between 10% and 15% of all couples of childbearing age have difficulty either conceiving or taking a pregnancy through to term. A factor in 30% of these, according to WebMD, is stress.  

Stress, in all it’s various forms, whether physical (due to viruses or other illnesses) chemical or circumstantial, has direct (and very specific) impacts on the immune system. The Glutrasol family of products is formulated based on a 40-year application of science-based treatments designed to address those effects.

It’s all about Priorities – Immunity vs. Fertility

When our bodies are sick or even when fighting viruses at sub-clinical levels, our immune systems prioritize fighting disease above other bodily functions, like fertility capacity. Daily environmental or emotional stresses can also consume immune system resources, again pushing fertility-supporting immune functions (like regulating specific hormonal levels), to the back of the bus.

So, if we can MINIMIZE need for non-fertility related immune function support , we can MAXIMIZE what’s left to support fertility.

Glutrasol-FE is a science based specialty supplement for fertility enhancement.

How Glutrasol supports Immune System Health AND Fertility

Within the immune system there is a complex combination of small proteins called cytokines, with ratios needed to balance each other to maximize immune system health as relates to fertility.

Unlike multi-vitamins, generic immune system support or stress-reduction products, Glutrasol FE directly addresses the cytokine balance needed for immunomodulation that enhances fertility.

Positive Impacts for Women AND Men

Conception, maintaining estrogen and progesterone levels, egg health, gonad health, sperm count and health have all been linked to maintaining the correct balance of cytokines. Glutrasol’s three actives: transfer factor, beta glucans and lactic-acid generating bacteria work in concert to maximize that cytokine balance in both men and women.

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Animal Fertility Research: Dr. Ramaekers talks about dramatic success he's seen in fertility outcomes when applying the Glutrasol product formulation in bucking bull applications.