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Do Patents Matter?

When you try Glutrasol-IE, you’ll know it’s different from (and superior to) any other immunity supplement. But how do you know that before you try it?

That question is important. Many immunity enhancement products are on the market, and there’s always uncertainty when choosing a new product.

So, how can you decide? One excellent way is to ask about patents. If the product is backed by patents, it’s different. It has to be! Flat out!

As a dietary supplement consumer, patents make your buying decision easier. An impartial judge (the Patent Office) has examined the invention and concluded that it is new and different. And, it won’t take you long to realize that, for immune-enhancement, different means better.

 By definition, a patent is only granted when something is new and novel. If it isn’t new and novel, you are welcome to apply for a patent. But you will be rejected during patent examination. During the examination, an applicant must demonstrate that the composition or method of use -

(1) has not already been done or previously cited in the literature, and

(2) is not an obvious modification of existing technology.

Patent examination is an adversarial (but respectful) process, and the underlying reason is actually pretty rational. When an inventor shares a new concept in detail, the entire country benefits. The concept is no longer kept secret. Everyone can use it through licenses or royalties. To reward the inventor for sharing, an exclusive position is granted for a limited time. However, the examiner does not want to grant a patent on a concept that already exists and fairly belongs to the public. Hence, the adversarial format.

Glutrasol formulations and methods are licensed from Ramaekers Nutrition.

Now, add the patents with a “no-risk” guarantee and a low introductory price for a 6-day sample pack. It’s hard to ask for more.

We invite you to experience the power of a truly strong immune system. Fewer colds, better athletic performance, and just plain feeling good are in your future.

 To begin, order a 6-day pack and take one packet daily. At the introductory price $24.95, how can you lose? After that, continue with 1-month containers.

We look forward to hearing about your success with Glutrasol-IE!