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Are You Interested in Improving Your Athletic Ability?

Are you interested in performing at a higher lever at your next athletic event? Are you looking for a better time, better distance, more scored goals, or easier recovery after the event? My guess is “absolutely” because sporting enjoyment and ability are two-parts of the same package.


You may be an extreme athlete competing in every Ironman you can, or maybe you are an enthusiastic athlete, who exercises hard but focuses more on physical enjoyment. Either way (extreme or enthusiastic), modern athletes are learning that your immune system affects your athletic ability. The power of the immune system is not limited to wellness-versus-illness.


If you are an extreme athlete, you understand first-hand the physical impacts of training, sleep, performance and recovery. It’s not always pleasant! Before an event, mental stress depletes energy reserves and reduces sleep quality. In turn, poor sleep detracts from performance. After an event, recovery takes time, and you are susceptible to getting sick for roughly 5 days.


If you are an enthusiastic athlete, your internal experience differs. Moderate levels of exercise are good for the immune system. But maybe your performance could be better.


This difference between extreme and enthusiastic athletes was summarized by Bente Klarlund Pedersen and Anders Dyhr Toft (Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre and Department of Infectious Diseases) *. They state, “Moderate exercise across the life span seems to increase resistance to upper respiratory tract infections, whereas repeated strenuous exercise suppresses immune function.”


*“Effects of exercise on lymphocytes and cytokines”,


Now for the good news - the solution for both extreme and enthusiastic athletes is the same: build and improve the immune system. To start, here are some basics.


·       Your immune system has immune cells and immune proteins (technically called cytokines). Immune cells include macrophages (“big eaters”). As implied, the “big eaters” protect us by literally consuming viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

·       Immune proteins are the bosses of the immune system. They direct the action. Immune proteins work best when balanced. Imbalance isn’t good.

·       Immune proteins also connect the immune system to the central nervous system. These immune proteins facilitate the release of regulating hormones, which mediate a variety of everyday performance issues.

·       Particularly important - immune proteins can be increased and balanced.


A powerful way to build the immune system is to balance the immune proteins. Diet alone may not provide the immune proteins needed for balance. Enter Glutrasol-EA! This performance supplement enhances immune protein balance in two ways. First, balanced cytokines are injected directly into the digestive tract (where they are stable) and enter the body through the intestinal wall. Second, even more balanced cytokines are produced within the body. That means that missing immune proteins are replaced.


For all athletes, performance increase can be dramatic because immune protein balance is restored. Energy levels increase. A feeling of wellness arises. Stamina replaces endurance. Motivation is easy when you feel good. For extreme athletes, recovery is fast, and the respiratory infections are less likely.  

There’s one sure way to prove it to yourself. Try Glutrasol-EA. For a short-term experiment, select the 6-day pack. For a longer-term experiment, select the 30-day pack. Either way, Glutrasol-EA comes with a money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are. You have nothing to lose.


Enjoy your new athletic level. You’ll have to decide whether to tell your competitive friends.