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Experiencing Fertility Issues? You Might Consider Glutrasol-FE


Today, more health care professionals are taking a closer look at the role that stress may play in causing fertility challenges—a role that, according to WebMD, may be a factor “in up to 30 percent of all fertility problems.” And, for couples experiencing fertility issues that may be stress related, we at CortControl offer a solution. Our solution, Glutrasol-FE, has been proven effective, is absolutely safe, is far less costly and invasive than in vitro fertilization and other fertility approaches, and even comes with a 30-day money-back opportunity.

Glutrasol-FE is one of our Glutrasol family of patented, science-based integrative specialty supplements, it has been optimized to support both men and women experiencing fertility issues due to stress by supporting a balance of specific kinds of proteins called “cytokines.”

The science here is straightforward. For various reasons, ranging from stress or fatigue to a body’s natural chemical make-up, these cytokines can sometimes get out of balance. When this happens, the chances of achieving pregnancy can decrease. Glutrasol-FE helps restore the cytokine balance and, in the process, helps increase the chances that pregnancy can be achieved.

Unlike conventional nutraceuticals and other supplements, Glutrasol-FE is much more than a mixture of vitamins and herbal extracts. It’s a complex formulation of 18 innovative bio-actives that have been:

  • Clinically studied

  • Supported by dozens of published science papers from both business and academia

  • Tested for more than 30 years in scores of veterinarian-supervised animal studies

In addition, Glutrasol-FE is absolutely safe. It is not a drug or made up of genetically modified ingredients. It is a sustainable, naturally occurring, side-effects-free formulation. It’s not invasive like in vitro fertilization or other fertility solutions, either. Available in powdered form, Glutrasol-FE is typically mixed with juice or another beverage and consumed as a liquid.

So, if you or a loved one is experiencing fertility issues, and stress may be a factor, then Glutrasol-FE may be exactly what’s needed to turn the frustration of fertility into the joy of creating and nurturing a new life.

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James Daniels is the CEO and Co-Founder of CortControl, LLC, a firm dedicated to the formulation of innovative compounds that address chronic human health issues related to immune function.