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Enhancing Vaccine Efficacy with Integrative Natural Technologies


Recently, I read a statement that stopped me in my tracks. “Infectious disease epidemics cost the world US$60 billion each year,” noted John-Arne Rottingen, the Interim CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. “They match wars and natural disasters in their capacity to endanger lives, disrupt societies, and damage economies.”

The challenges involved in addressing such epidemics, of course, are both enormous and growing. And, faced with both rising demands and finite resources, one of the key challenges going forward will be to think more in terms of efficiency and effectiveness—of ways to squeeze more out of each dollar spent.

An excellent case in point is vaccine. The costs of manufacturing large quantities of it, transporting it to other parts of the world, and administering it to large at-risk populations can be quite high. Yet, nearly all vaccines have limited efficacy. And, when administered to at-risk populations which suffer from poor nutrition or endure poor sanitation, they can be significantly less effective. Here, a cost-effective approach to enhancing the efficacy of vaccines would literally be a game changer, enabling:

  • More people to receive vaccinations
  • A much higher percentage of vaccinations to be effective
  • The cost of administering vaccinations to drop substantially
  • Global health organizations to leverage precious resources more effectively
  • Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines to offer a more effective product to a huge and highly lucrative market

Fortunately, exciting new solutions are being proposed. And an extremely promising one many people haven’t yet considered is the integration of certain specialty supplements with vaccines. At CortControl, for example, we’ve seen success in numerous livestock vaccination studies.  Components used in GlutrasolTM IE, one of our Glutrasol family of patented specialty supplements, can dramatically enhances vaccine efficacy, increasing a subject’s antibody titer by 4 to 5 times. In addition, vaccine-plus-Glutrasol often delivers a positive result when a vaccine alone doesn't. This led to cost benefits, extended protection between vaccine boosters, and reduced vaccine dosage.

Facing and fighting infectious disease epidemics remains a daunting challenge. But, even as this challenge grows, we can focus on seeing—and seizing—new opportunities to make our best efforts better. And, at the moment, one of the most promising of these opportunities in vaccine enhancement efforts may just be the integration of the right medical foods.

CortControl LLC is an IP and research management firm that develops specialty supplement compound formulas and safeguards those formulas through patents and trademarks so that they can be sold to pharmaceutical/nutritional manufacturers and distributors for managing the specific nutritional needs of at risk individuals. To learn more about CortControl’s Glutrasol family of patented specialty nutraceuticals, check out "The Science Behind Glutrasol".

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