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Enhancing Vaccines with Medical Foods

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by James Daniels, CEO, CORTCONTROL LLC 

Vaccine enhancement now has a new approach: medical foods instead of alum adjuvants. 

For more than 80 years, agents such as alum have been used to stimulate a vaccine response by the patient’s immune system. To varying degrees, these “adjuvants” have made specific vaccines more potent. And, to varying degrees, recipients of these vaccines have benefitted.

An Alluring Value Proposition 

Pharmaceutical interest in food-based products is growing because customer interest is growing. A market already exists. A large fraction of the U.S. population believes that foods have curative properties. Health food stores do a booming business. FDA introduced “medical foods” to acknowledge this phenomenon, and maintain control over drug-type claims. 

Vaccine enhancement fits naturally into this trend. Medical foods can significantly enhance vaccines. Animal data shows this.  Huge expenditures in traditional drug development aren’t needed. Side effects are minimal.

This value proposition has a definite allure: clear—and perhaps dramatic—product differentiation. A medical food can be introduced for a relatively small investment. Time to market is surprisingly short. There is little to no risk of side effects.

Medical Foods Are for Real

Perhaps the most compelling argument that can be made is that these foods are for real. They require FDA review and acceptance. Before they can be marketed—their developers have to prove that the science behind the claims is valid. Medical foods present virtually no risk of side effects. And—most important for a pharmaceutical manufacturer—these foods can be brought to market quickly for a minimal cost. 

At CortControl, for example, we’re currently working to obtain FDA acceptance for our product, Glutrasol VE™ is derived from nutritional compounds that consistently produced a 93% to 360% enhancement in livestock vaccines over a 25-year period. To help expedite this product’s launch, we are actively seeking research partners to test Glutrasol VE for immune-enhancement in humans. 

Medical foods testing is less rigorous and time-consuming than drug testing. We estimate that each participant can complete his/her test in less than 45 days. With successfully documented results, we are offering partners exclusive licensing rights to Glutrasol VE within their vaccination specialties.

Opportunity Worth Investigating

There’s a saying that goes: “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” While this has always been true, these words—especially in today’s fast-changing pharmaceuticals world—have a more compelling ring to them than ever. For many companies, new options such as medical foods may represent uncertainty at first. But, especially in vaccine enhancement, evidence also suggests a major new opportunity—one absolutely worth investigating.

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James Daniels is the CEO of CortControl, which develops and markets Glutrasol VE™and Glutrasol IF™, patent-pending medical foods for the treatment of vaccine enhancement and infertility respectively.

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