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Partnering in Pursuit of Global Health

Photo by: PATH

Photo by: PATH


Recently, CortControl and PATH, a leader in global health innovation, co-sponsored an event that could be one of the first of its kind: a gathering of people from technology, financial services, health care, philanthropic, and other organizations to discuss strategies for addressing global health issues. Called “The Northwest: Driving Global Health Innovation,” the meeting was highlighted by speakers from PATH, the MJ Murdock Charitable TrustMedical Teams International, and Cambia Health Solutions

One theme that came up repeatedly during the evening was the power of innovative strategic alliances in which fund allocation, science, health administration logistics, and digital solutions converge to meet major global health challenges. In a fascinating example, speakers from Cambia Health Solutions and Medical Teams International shared their organizations’ partnership to digitize data gathering in Ugandan malaria vaccination centers. In a desperate part of the world, this effort gave health workers the ability to provide markedly better care to refugees and other distressed people.

What was especially heartening to CortControl and the featured speakers was the event’s diverse and engaged audience. Among those in attendance were representatives from:

The event received high marks, but virtually everyone agreed that, perhaps more than anything, it was a beginning. With this in mind, for example, PATH is planning an extended series of events designed to leverage the innovative network of Northwest organizations that share a common commitment to global health. And at CortControl, we are working hard to partner with organizations that can make good use of our vaccine enhancement regime to treat people in developing countries more effectively.

When looking at the enormous issue of global health, our efforts may seem small and relatively inconsequential. But, as the legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said, “Little things make big things happen.” The recent event in Portland was an excellent first step for all the organizations that participated. Obviously, we all have a long journey ahead. But, from everything I heard during the evening, this is a journey everyone involved is excited to take.   

Jim Daniels is the CEO and co-founder of CortControl LLC, an IP and research management firm that develops specialty supplement compound formulas  Glutrasol IE™ for immuno-enhancement and Glutrasol FE™ for fertility. CortControl safeguards those formulas through patents and trademarks so that they can be sold to pharmaceutical/nutritional manufacturers and distributors for managing the specific nutritional needs of at risk individuals. To learn more about CortControl’s Glutrasol family of patented specialty nutraceuticals, check out "The Science Behind Glutrasol". His email is

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