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CortControl is dedicated to the formulation of innovative specialty supplements that address global immune-related health conditions. Our technologies are based on over 30 years of research by our sister company Ramaekers Nutrition and include the most advanced combinations of bio-actives for enhancing immune health available on the market today without a prescription.

 CortControl develops market-ready patent-protected specialty supplements and manufactures and distributes our products in the United States. We are committed to advancing global health by sharing emerging technologies and vision with donors, tech researchers, manufacturers and delivery organizations. Our aim is to progress and advance the positive impact these technologies can have where they are needed most.

CortControl, LLC. is an intellectual property and research management firm.We develop specialty nutraceutical formulations and safeguard those formulas through patents and trademarks so that they can be sold to manufacturers and distributors for prescribed treatment by professional medical personnel and nutritionists.


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CortControl develops, tests and patents integrative specialty supplement formulations that can help health care professionals offer personalized science based options to improve client health. Our product lines include fertility-enhancement, immuno-enhancement and natural stem cell regrowth.